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Black henna Tube

Tube of black henna ready to use for tattooing, 30g.

Price €2.08

Sulfur Soap

Natural Sulfur Soap.

Price €2.08

Brown henna tube

Tube of brown henna ready to use, 30g.

Price €2.08

Argan Soap

Argan Assala soap.

Price €2.08

Henna Powder 500g

Resealable bag of henna powder, Al Helal, 500g.

Price €7.08

Laurel Soap

Laurel soap ASSALA, made from olive oil and bay laurel oil.

Price €2.08

Henna powder 200g

Sachet of henna powder, Al Helal, 200g.

Price €2.92

Nigella Soap

Nigella soap ASSALA.

Price €2.08

Aloe Vera

Bottle of Aloe Vera macerate oil, 60mL.

Price €4.16

Henna Powder 50g

Sachet of natural henna powder, Al Helal, 50g.

Price €1.00

Shower Gel Oud

Luxury Oud shower gel, Oud scent, 300mL.

Price €8.25

Shower Gel Patchouli

Luxury Oud shower gel, Patchouli scent, 300mL.

Price €8.25